Three: Damien Flood / Joy Garnett / Andrew Seto

Three: Damien Flood / Joy Garnett / Andrew Seto

Detail from Damien Flood Recurring Vortex (2010) Oil on canvas 30 x 25cm Image courtesy of the artist and Green on Red

Damien Flood

Damien Flood’s work is situated between fact and fiction. The paintings are modern landscapes that reference the history of painting with an underlying fantastical element. A fleeting familiarity can be found in the work that is soon replaced by an ambiguous questioning.

Three: Damien Flood / Joy Garnett / Andrew Seto

This show brings together three artists whose work inhabits a delicate grey area between factual imagery, subjective recall, and painterly interaction. We all see what we want to in a work of art, whether violence, landscape, still life, or abstraction. The visceral materiality of paint can convey a multitude of developing possibilities whilst avoiding specific depiction. It is relatively simple for a work of art to have definitive intentionality.  It is quite another thing to be ambiguous without ambivalence.

Locations & Dates

Start Date – End Date

EcoArtSpace, 53 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10013

May 14 – June 19