Danis Rose on the new Finnegans Wake

Danis Rose on the new Finnegans Wake

Danis Rose reveals the Houyhnhnm Press edition of the new Finnegans Wake, with his co-editor John O’Hanlon (right) and Antony Farrell of Lilliput Press (centre).

Danis Rose

Danis Rose is co-editor with John O’Hanlon of the new critically-established text of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (Houyhnhnm, 2010) and editor of the forthcoming Finnegans Wake Hypertext. His publications include James Joyce Archive: 28-63; Understanding Finnegans Wake; The Lost Notebook; The Textual Diaries of James Joyce; Ulysses: A New Reader’s Edition.

Danis Rose on the new Finnegans Wake

Danis Rose, critically acclaimed textual scholar and co-editor of the new edition of Finnegans Wake, presents a talk entitled, ‘God is in the Details: a look at the new text through both ends of a telescope’ at Boston College. This deluxe limited edition (Houyhnhnm Press, 2010) marries exacting scholarship and the finest bookmaking.

“Astonishing and pleasing beyond measure” (Seamus Deane)

“In terms of Irish literature, it is the greatest publishing event since …1922” (Bruce Arnold)

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Connolly House, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

April 16 – April 16