Andrew Duggan: Court

Andrew Duggan: Court

Andrew Duggan

Andrew Duggan’s projects and installations investigate the space between particular incidents/events (fact/folk/lore, etc) and contemporary space and time. His work has been presented in disused creameries [Milk+Honey, 2002], handball alleys [Future Perfect, 2008] former film locations [iarsma_remnant, 2009] and a pre lived housing estate [9.8 meters per second, 2009]


Court is a visual art project in NYC, hosted by The Irish Arts Centre with visual artist Andrew Duggan. It uses the cast concrete Irish handball alley and its interesting migration to the five boroughs in NYC as a context, in which to visually explore urban/rural congregation and cultural transmission. The project begins with an installation at The IAC and will result in a public art event in the neighboring Hells Kitchen ball park.

Locations & Dates

Start Date – End Date

553 West 51st Street,
NY NY 10019

January 24 – March 28